Forgive me

Forgive MeDiscover how to say ‘Forgive me’ for the mistake you did or for any poor performance! There are several reasons for which we say sorry to the person who has got hurt due to our mistake. There are several ways to say sorry to ask the person to forgive you. The first of all do not make delay in saying sorry. Try to finish the matter as soon as possible. Accept the mistakes and confess the same as early as possible soon as the mistake happen. It is the responsibility of the person who made an mistake to rectify the same and pay for the damages caused to the other person.

Here are some tips to write the apology letter to say “Forgive me”. Sometimes or other, we make mistakes, unknowingly or knowingly. It is good to apologize for the guild and confess the mistake in time before it will break the relationships. Timely apology is important and you should confess the mistake before the relationships get affected and the person lose faith in you. A proper and better apology can make great difference. The Forgive me letter build up trust that you had lost forever and rebuild the broken relations. If you have committed mistake then there is no point in transferring the responsibility on other’s shoulder or blaming others for what you have done. Accept the guild and apologize for the same at once.

Promise the receiver that you will never make such mistake again in the future. Promise the receiver that such offence will never get repeated in the future and you will never act offensively. Explain what the situation was and why you act in the wrong way. Do not use dramatic or rude language. Use soft and peaceful language. You should ask the person to Forgive me by accepting your mistake. Choose the words carefully for writing the apology letter. Write the letter short and do not try to write in detailed. No one has time to read the lengthy letter.

Forgive me is the most important word that you should write in the letter when you apologize for the mistake you did. Write the most approachable letter of apology as the sample given below. Here the person is unable to attend the wedding ceremony of his friend and that is why writing an apology letter to the friend.

Dear (name of the friend),
I have received your invitation card for your wedding ceremony. I am sorry that I am unable to make for the same. As I have prior appointment with the company director who is sitting out of state and it is unavoidable for me as it was fixed two months back.
Please Forgive me. I promise you that we will meet very soon after I come back. Please Forgive me once again and best wishes for your married life.
Yours truly,
(Your name)
This is how one can ask the other person to Forgive me for the mistake or unable to meeting the appointment or functions.

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