Im sorry letters

I’m sorry lettersDo you want to discover about how to say sorry for your guilt with I’m sorry letters? Things can work out well for you by saying sorry. Through such apology one can confess the mistake in front of the person who got hurt and who is in pain. Saying sorry is the best way to rebuild relations. By saying sorry the relations rebuild are of strongest nature. There are several kinds of sorry letters where person apologizes for the mistake he did.

While writing I’m sorry letters you should keep in mind that never write lengthy letter. Keep the letter short and to the point. Start the letter with confession. Say sorry for the mistake you did and apologize for the mistake. Ask the receiver to forgive you. Promise that you will never make such mistake in the future and will try to keep the good relations. Also tell how you are going to pay for damages. Inform about the rectification that you decided to rectify the mistake. Be clear in your language and do not use dramatic language. Write the letter sincerely and respectfully. Apologize one more time. Mention that you value the business or personal relationship. Writing I’m sorry letters plays very important role in expressing your feelings about the receiver.

I’m sorry letters are of two types, Formal and Informal or personal one. Formal letter is nothing but corporate I’m sorry letters where it is necessary to maintain the business relations with the other party. There are various reasons to write the apology letter such as for defective product, damaged product, incomplete product, late payment, missed deadline, shipping delay, missing appointment, unable to attend meeting, forgetting someone, missing important event of the business, offensive behavior, late for the meeting, provided poor or inadequate service, to an employee or employees, and so on. The personal I’m sorry letters are written to near and dear ones for several reasons such as unable to attend family function, misbehavior, not keeping the promise, the act hurt someone, and so on.

Let us have the format of I’m sorry letters for personal relations.
Dear (receiver’s name),
I am sorry for (discuss about the mistake that you did). I promise you that I never repeat the mistake in the future.
Please forgive me as my act hurt you. I know that you are of kind nature and you will excuse me though my guilt is not excusable.
See you personally soon.
Truly yours,
(Your name)
Here is the example to write corporate I’m sorry letters.
Name of the receiver,
Name of the company,
Address of the company.

Dear (First name),
I am sorry for not keeping the promise. I am feeling very sorry for (explain the mistake and give reason why such mistake happened).
I assure you that such mistake will never happen in the future. I am sure that my silly act will not have any adverse effect on our corporate relations.
Please forgive me. I look forward meeting you in person.
Sincerely yours,
(Your name)

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